Do you have a guarantee?

We confidently provide a one-year warranty on all labor.

Do you accept credit cards?

For projects UNDER $5,000.00 we accept VISA, MC, AMEX, DISC, and JCB cards.

For projects OVER $5,000.00 we prefer ACH payments (we will email you an invoice that you can click to pay online), but we can also accept cash or checks if ACH is not an option.

Do you charge by the hour or by the project?

HANDYMAN:  For handyman services requiring less than two days, we charge by the hour.  Handyman labor is $125 per hour per craftsman.  For handyman services requiring more than two days, we can provide an estimate for the total project, or charge by the hour (your choice).

REMODELING:  For our remodeling services (e.g., kitchen & bath renovations) we charge by the project.

Do you charge a mobilization (trip) fee?

HANDYMAN:  Yes, we charge a fee to cover our costs to mobilize our craftsmen and a company service van to your home or business.  Our mobilization fee is $125 and we charge that once per day for your project duration.

REMODELING:  For our remodeling services, there are no mobilization fees.

Do you charge for estimates?

Yes, we charge a service/trip fee of $125 to send one of our professional estimators to your home, and we credit that back toward your project if you hire us.

Do you have a minimum charge?

Yes, for our handyman services, we have a 4-hour minimum for labor, so with the mobilization fee, our minimum charge to send a craftsman to your home or business, and perform up to four hours of labor, is $625.

How do you charge for materials?

HANDYMAN:  We do not mark up the materials that we purchase for our handyman services, as our labor rate is applicable for the time required to purchase and deliver those materials.

REMODELING:  Most of the materials required for our remodeling projects are included in the contract price.  There may be allowances for certain materials that you will select, in which case we will share the receipts and either debit or credit those allowances based on the cost of your selections.